Due to very pleasant circumstances…

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Due to very pleasant circumstances, there’s been a break in the work for ”Crime of the Century”. The reason is Hasse Fröberg’s and Tomas Bodin’s comittments to The Flower Kings and Fröberg’ s Musical Companion. The resurrection of The Flower Kings came much sooner than Hasse had expected.
⁃ All basics for the new album have been set and all’s gone really well. Our new drummer is unbeleivable. The live premiere will be at Sweden Rock Festival in June and in the autumn we will go on a European tour.
Furthermore, Hasse’s been doing studio work with his solo band The Musical Companion, engineered by Bodin. A new album will be released in April, in part leaving a very sunny flavour.
⁃ Two songs ”Venice CA” and ”Waves” were written very soon after our family holiday in California, which make them VERY sunny. But some of the other material is heavier, both music- and lyric-wise.
What’s the status for ”Crime of the Century”?
⁃ Me and Tomas have been working on a new tune, number nine I think. The music has been finished, but we need to complete the lyrics. We will be working sporadically during the spring, but after our fall tour with The Flower Kings, it’s full blast again!

”It’s what we havn’t done that is the Crime of the Century”

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”Crime of the Century” is the brainchild of the Swedish weatherman Pär Holmgren. At the end of 2008 Pär decided to quit his career at national television, after 20 years, to devote his time to issues concerning the well being of our future world.

Pär considers it vital to reach through generations by spreading the message through many channels. Seminars, debating on national TV, events, touring Sweden by electric velociped, author of books covering the climate and also children’s books. Therefore it was natural to realize an old idea of his. Many many years ago, Pär had the idea of using rockmusic as a way to communicate and inspire people to make a change. Now, with ”Crime of the Century”, that idea has turned into reality…

Keyboard maestro – climate champion Flower King Tomas Bodin says there’s still hope

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A lifelong musician, semi-legend in the progressive rock world and just as environmentally conscious as Hasse Fröberg and Pär Holmgren, Flower Kings keyboard virtuoso Tomas Bodin is principal music composer for ”Crime of the Century”. A happy character, Tomas still sees the climate dangers ahead. – We’re on our way to Hell, but there are things we can do about it.

Theatre music composer. Prog rock maestro. Epic constructor. When Hasse Fröberg needed a partner for ”Crime of the Century”, the choice was easy. Besides, after years of recording and touring with the Flower Kings, Hasse knew Tomas Bodin would be the perfect foil to work with.


”I write on inspiration – good or bad” Hasse Fröberg tells the story of COTC

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”Crime of the Century” – or crimes committed to our environment. What can we expect of the future? What kind of world do we hand over to coming generations? No one knows for sure, but there’s hardly any light at the end of the tunnel. Swedish meteorologist Pär Holmgren has been occupied with the issue for years. To be able to open people’s eyes – and have a little fun – Pär decided to carry out the Environmentally Wise rock opera. Since his earliest childhood, Pär has been obsessed by 1970′s rock music, and by chance he happens to be friends with some of Sweden’s foremost musicians in the field.
I had a talk with Hasse Fröberg, singer with The flower Kings and more lately his own Musical companion.

⁃ I got a request from Pär Holmgren, who apparently had been pondering on this for a while. I was very surprised, but also very flattered.