About CotC

The Story

”Crime of the Century” tells the story about the unsustainability of ourworld, and the problems that we are facing in the near future. It does so by telling the story of a young girl, who realizes that we must act now, and the reactions to her message from an older generation. The four main characters in the story reflects the different attitudes to the situation.The story is told in three acts. Act One ”Before” is happening now. Act Two: ”The Collapse” is in the near future, and Act Three ”After” take place a few years later.

Pär Holmgren has written the main story. Hasse Fröberg has written most of the lyrics. Tomas Bodin and Hasse Fröberg have written the music.

The Creators

Tomas Bodin

Growing up in an over-crowded working class apartment, Tomas Bodin took refuge at the piano. He even played with his little toys inside the instrument! Twenty years later, as main composer in reggae/calypso band The Mighty Skankers, the classicaly trained keyboard player caught the attention of progressive rock royalty Roine Stolt. Together, they formed The Flower Kings in 1996, moving on to record a number of loved albums aswell as touring several continents. Tomas Bodin is also a theatre music composer, music teacher and record producer, who has released a number of acclaimed solo albums, most recently the semi-autobiographical ”I Am” and ”You Are”.

Hasse Fröberg

Loading planes at Arlanda airport or creating spectacular music –singer/composer Hasse Fröberg is a high-flying guy. Has been ever since his recording debut a mere fourteen years old. In the 80′s Hasse formed glamorous metal band Spellbound, gaining a recording contract with Sonet.Their album ”Rockin’ Reckless”, produced by Vic Maile, received the second highest grade in the hard rock bible of the day, Kerrang. In 1992, with Solid Blue, Hasse won the Swedish Rock Championships; two years later he was drafted into what became The Flower Kings. By popular demand, Hasse formed his own band Musical Companion, releasing debut album ”Future Past” in autumn 2010. A second album is on it’s way and the band will play the 2012 RosFest festival in Pennsylvania, USA.

Pär Holmgren

During military service, Pär Holmgren slipped into the weather department, which has kept him in it’s grip ever since. Going on to become a TV weather guy, Pär became something of a national treasure, being Sweden’s first and only long-haired male weather presenter. Down the line, Pär’s interest in climate has lead to his main occupation of today, lecturing and raising climate awareness. Next to these commitments, rock music has always been Pär Holmgren’s passion, in particular the bands of the early/middle seventies. Deep Purple, Queen, Yes, Pink Floyd… In 2004, Pär along with fellow TV meteorologist Pererik Åberg made a succesful appearance at Sweden Rock Festival, singing heavy metal standards with new weather lyrics. The band was called ”Spridda SkurarS” (Scattered ShowerS). A climate issue rock opera has been a dream of Pär’s for several years. Now, his friends Tomas Bodin and Hasse Fröberg help make the dream come true.

The Voices

Nathalie Lorichs

Swedish vocalist who has performed with Jon Lord, Glenn Hughes and Opeth during the last few years. She is currently writing new material together with Martin Axenrot.

The Musicians

Martin Axenrot

Information coming soon…

JJ Marsh

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Michael Stolt

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Website Author

Daniel Reichberg

Howdy folks! I’m Daniel Reichberg, music journalist and train conductor rolled intoone. For the last ten years, I’ve been writing for Sweden Rock Magazine (Scandinavia’s biggest rock monthly) as well as for several morning papers, the artrock.se webzine and I’m also on the board for Garf –Gothenburg Art Rock Federation. Once an aspiring rock star myself with bands such as Backlash or Hot Breeze, I now stay mainly on the reporting side of the business. It was through our mutual love for seventies’ rock that I once got to know Pär Holmgren, and I’m now very happy to be helping out with interviews and stuff for ”Crime of the Century”.